Welcome to Inter-Schools Miss Uganda, a unique and empowering school-based beauty pageant that transcends traditional norms. This exceptional event is dedicated to celebrating the dreams, talents, and aspirations of girls from nursery, primary, and secondary schools. Inter-Schools Miss Uganda is not just a pageant; it is a movement that amplifies the voices of young girls who dream of inspiring others through education. Inter-Schools Miss Uganda is a one-of-a-kind beauty pageant tailored for girls in nursery, primary, and secondary schools. Beyond the glitz and glamour, this event serves as a powerful platform for participants to express their dreams and showcase their unique talents. The pageant is a celebration of education, aiming to inspire young girls to pursue their academic aspirations while fostering a sense of confidence and leadership.



Our contestants hail from diverse backgrounds, representing the rich tapestry of Uganda’s educational landscape.
These ambitious girls share a common goal – to inspire and uplift others through the power of education. From the smallest voices in nursery schools to the budding intellects in primary and secondary schools, Inter-Schools Miss Uganda provides a stage for dreams to blossom and stories to be told.

Empowering Through Education

Inter-Schools Miss Uganda places a strong emphasis on the transformative power of education. Participants are not just aspiring beauty queens; they are ambassadors of knowledge, symbolizing the importance of academic excellence and the pursuit of dreams. The pageant seeks to break down barriers and inspire a new generation of girls to embrace education as a tool for personal growth and societal change.

Inspiring Change:

The primary mission of Inter-Schools Miss Uganda is to inspire change. Through the stories and achievements of our participants, we aim to challenge stereotypes, redefine beauty standards, and encourage girls to reach for the stars. These young role models stand as beacons of inspiration, proving that intelligence, confidence, and ambition can coexist with grace and beauty.

Community Engagement

Inter-Schools Miss Uganda extends its impact beyond the stage and into communities. Our participants actively engage in projects that promote education, empowerment, and community development. By reaching out to fellow students and communities, these young leaders foster a sense of unity and purpose, creating a ripple effect of positive change.